Venkateswara Rao: I am Venkateswara Rao Vakalapudi is a 14-year MDRT member with one Court of the Table and six Top of the Table honors. He is a senior advisor with more than a decade of experience in the life insurance and investment field. He is been India’s leading premium generator for the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) for the past five years.

Rony: There was a time when people used to flee the moment they cited an LIC agent for the fear of getting looped, compelling them to give an LIC policy. This is mainly because generally an LIC agent is looked down upon by the society and it is perceived that only those who are incapable of doing any other job become LIC agents just to lead a life of sustenance. Times have changes and so have perceptions to a great extent. The success story of Robert Ronald Fernandes of Naravi known to everyone as LIC Rony who started his career as an LIC agent during his college days to earn some pocket money, will certainly change the perception of many people towards this unorthodox career choice.

Pulakesh: I joined LIC as a Development Officer in August 1991. Since then, I have been serving for the same. My responsibilities include recruitment of agents and their training and procuring business for LIC India. I feel much privileged to serve as a Development Officer as the job is a kind of social service as well. Helping people and securing their future gives satisfaction and joy. At the same time, I provide employment to people irrespective of their age, religion, caste, and creed. LIC agents can earn as much as they want based on their marketing ability and potential.

Successful Advisors from LIC

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